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Forlaget For Ophobet litteratur

(The Publisher For Accumulated Literature)

New album!!

"Tar Gui" is out in stores, Rillbar (CPH), bandcamp and on

this vebside

The album containes:  2 LP gatefold (140 g black vinyl). Download

code for the album (with 3 bonus outtakes). 12 pages booklet & 3 pages

tabulatur. With 2 tracks only on vinyl. Printet i 300 copies. Most of the

music is recorded in my good friend Torbens house in the first half of 2019.

"A regular masterpiece that in its own soothing way

emphasizes the music's own primordial power - and

the talent that Martin Kirkegaard obviously has as one of

the music's dexterous communicators”.

Review by “Side 33” (Mads Kornum)

"Tar Gui is a beautifully crafted play that is recommended for many music listeners

and especially those who do not want to waste their time on superfluous coincidence.

One of this year's albums - across genres".

Review by Niels Overgård Jazzblog (jazznyt)


"....this album of music emphasising the acoustic instruments and hands that made it will take plenty of time to truly discover and will reward each listen. A beautiful album from a very generous musician".

Review by UK Folk Radio (glenn Kimpton)

Below you can hear a live recording of  "Rodhånd" (Aarhus, nov. 2019). 

A track that also appeares on the album in a studioversion.