Martin Kirkegaard

  • Tar Gui (DAF0120W) 2 LP gatefold, 2020

"Tar Gui" is Martins official solo album debut (on vinyl) and consists of 10 pieces for guitar and 2 for banjo. It is an album full of decolorization, beauty spots, open wounds, small animals, love, rashes and other qualities. Here, no robot can hit the real edges of the music. It's music between the man and his wood. The album is recorded acoustically and without overdubs over three sessions in the first half of 2019. The album is centered around the artist who shapes the sounds and moods that the world naturally throws off. Furthermore, Tar Gui finds its inspiration in the curiosity that lies not only in the discovery of the guitar's own sound and hidden landscapes, but also in the limitations of the instrument. The music is based on sketches, melodies and improvisations intertwining. Tar Gui is built around the songs' own sound. This makes the overall story of the record a diverse sound gallery, with each song growing out of its very own space. It is music about the undomesticated and the domesticated, about the rooted and the dancing. And it's music about everything that disappears and never comes back - all that evaporates.

The album containes:  2 LP gatefold (140 g black vinyl). Download code for the album (with 3 bonus outtakes). 12 pages booklet & 3 pages tabulatur. With 2 tracks only on vinyl. The album comes in 12" blake sleeve with black sticker on front. Vinyl is limited to 300 copies.

Album information: Cat. Nr.: DAF0120W, Format: LP / Download, Producer: Ditte Grube Barild, Guitar, harmonica, banjo, vocal, perkussion, layout, lyrics, komposer and producer: Martin Kirkegaard, Master: David Elberling (The Village, Vanløse), Vinylprint: Handle With Care (Berlin, Germany)

If you want to buy this releases you just write to: dafuga@hotmail.com, Price: 30, 70 euro


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Review by UK Folk Radio (Glenn Kimpton)

"...it also feels very much like an autonomous work, a large yet intimate journey album. Like I said, although made very purely with little fuss aside from the odd bit of studio sound and weird reverb introducing a couple of songs, this album of music emphasising the acoustic instruments and hands that made it will take plenty of time to truly discover and will reward each listen. A beautiful album from a very generous musician".

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Review by “Side 33” (Mads Kornum)

“… and that's what Martin Kirkegaard does so consistently masterfully from start to finish - capturing the many moods, and interpreting them freely and hovering in a firm and vibrant sound gallery that is constantly in motion. It's hammering good craftsmanship, it's is poetry, it's art, it's pulse, it's the sound of life, the sound of music created in the present with the help of the fresh buzz of history.

A regular masterpiece that in its own soothing way emphasizes the music's own primordial power - and the talent that Martin Kirkegaard obviously has as one of the music's dexterous communicators”.

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Review by Niels Overgård Jazzblog (jazznyt)

"The music is both original and personal. The fluid and soothing contact you get with the music is rewarding. Martin Kirkegaard finds a channel directly into my soul, where I unreservedly receive and touch intellectually and emotionally. Tar Gui is a beautifully crafted play that is recommended for many music listeners and especially those who do not want to waste their time on superfluous coincidence. One of this year's albums - across genres".

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Review by LoftsKammer (Martin Loftskammer)

"Throughout 'Tar Gui' music is played with great authenticity, intensity and integrity. The journeys to Africa, the USA and Scotland clearly shine through, as does inspiration from, for example. American guitarist Robbie Basho, South African pianist Abdullah Ibrahim, Scottish folk musician Bert Jansch, English folk musician John Renbourn and Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar do not deny.

Among the dozen songs of the vinyl, 'Spring Dance' should be highlighted because it lights up separately in the set list. The composition 'Farka' also stands out as something very special due to its pushing drive".

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Artvectum - digte fra jazzens vold

Martin Kirkegaard


(forlaget for ophobet litteratur)

DK-8230 Åbyhøj, Aarhus



Illustrationer/ord: Martin Kirkegaard

Trykt: Godsbanen, Aarhus

ISBN 978-87-999148-0-7

1. udgave, 1. oplag 2016

Pris: 150 kr. pr. bog.

Intet øjeblik har permafrost i sine øjne

Martin Kirkegaard


(Forlaget For Ophobet Litteratur)

DK-8230 Åbyhøj, Aarhus



Foto illustrationer/ord: Martin Kirkegaard

Trykt: Godsbanen, Aarhus

ISBN 978-87-999148-1-4

1. udgave, 1. oplag 2018

Pris: 250 kr. pr. bog